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How To Close Your Split Stitched Circle

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Today I’ll show you quickly how to close your split stitched circle. And I hope you’ll find the tutorial helpful.

If you want a recap on how to split stitch in more detail, jump over to the step-by-step tutorial I have previously posted.

tutorial on how to close a split stitch circle

Before you come to the end of your circle, check your stitch length. You want your last stitch to be the same length as your other stitches.  I usually check 3-4 stitches before I come to the end and adjust the stitch length if need be.

Start your second to last stitch by splitting your previous stitch.

tutorial on how to close a split stitch circle

Moving on, take your needle down right next to the very first stitch. Make sure you don’t overlap the stitches.

tutorial on how to close a split stitch circle

Next, take your needle up splitting the previous stitch halfway.

tutorial on how to close a split stitch circle

Finally, close your circle by bringing the needle down in the middle of the very first stitch in the circle. Pull your thread through and either tie of your thread or move onto your next stitch element.

TIP: Don’t pull the thread too tight. If you pull the thread too much you will flatten the stitch and you can see where you placed your last stitch.

Closing A Shape Where Stitches Meet At An Angle

Before you go, a quick tip on how to finish your split stitch when you stitch other shapes and stitches meet at an angle.

When taking the final stitch I simply angle the needle ever so slightly under the existing stitch. This will ensure that the thread lies very tightly against the other stitch and ensures there is no gap.

This step is really simple but the finish is so much nicer. Take a look at the examples below.

In the image on the right, I slightly angled the needle and brought it down slightly beneath the first stitch. In the image on the left, I brought the needle down adjacent to the first stitch. It might only be a small thing but it makes a difference. Do you agree?

I hope you found these steps helpful.

If you have a question or comment leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Stitching!

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