About Me

Hiya. I’m Heidi. After leading a somewhat nomadic lifestyle for many years, I now call leafy South London my home. Where I live with my two girls.

Being creative and making with your hands does wonders to your soul. I use my embroidery and crafting time to think and reflect – it’s a form of meditation.

Stitching allows me to step into another world for a little while – leaving the stresses of daily life behind. I love to feel the fabric under my fingers and watch the design grow, stitch by stitch. And my wish for you is to experience this too!

Do I hear you say you are not creative?

I believe that we all have creativity within us when we are born. Look at young children and their creative play. Unfortunately, our creativity erodes somewhat as we grow up and with the demands modern life throws at us. But you can find that creativity again. Give it a go!

Do I hear you say you don’t have the skills?

I’ll show you how.

Do I hear you say I don’t have the time?

I believe there’s a misconception that you need lots of time to craft. Even 10 or 15 minutes here and there add up. You have crafted a beautiful hand made item in no time. And I have some tips to get you started as well!

My Craft Journey

As a girl and teen, I loved anything craft. I grew up in the northern part of Germany, an area with a rich craft heritage. With access to some amazing craft women, I tried my hands on many different craft forms – from weaving to knitting, embroidery to pottery. Name it and I tried it. I even earned my first pocket money knitting for a boutique at the tender age of 16. But as I grew older, I started to rebel against my rural upbringing and life got in the way, so my crafting fizzled out.

But sometimes life throws you a curveball that turns out wonderful. Pregnant with my second daughter, I developed severe depression. As part of my recovery, I enrolled in craft therapy classes which rekindled my passion for crafting. This time also allowed me to reevaluate my life. In 2009 I quit my corporate job and set up polkadots & blooms to design and make home and giftwares.

Moving forward 9 years it is time for me to take the next leg on my craft journey. And I want to focus on designing, sharing my knowledge and support to help you bring craft (back) into your life. I hope you will join me on this journey.