Getting Started With Hand Embroidery

Your hand embroidery roadmap to confidently start your hand embroidery journey.

Does any of this sound familiar?

challenge 1

There is a myriad of hand embroidery supplies on the market, and you don’t know where to start looking. You might ask yourself what thread is best to use or what size needle? Do you even need an embroidery hoop to embroider? The list goes on.

challenge 2

You are frustrated with your progress, so you get disheartened and never finish your projects. You still have that beautiful floral embroidery project in the hoop you treated yourself to last summer, but it is now gathering dust in your drawer.

challenge 3

You want to be more creative and start/restart hand embroidery, but you are so overwhelmed by all the advice out there, and you don’t know where to get started.

What if you could …

… find a resource that will tell you precisely what essential supplies you will need to get you started with your hand embroidery project

… follow a proven path that will help you to get your project set up properly and ready to stitch.

… learn some easy to implement tips and tricks that will help to take out the frustration of the hand embroidery process.

Guess what?

With this roadmap, I will guide you through each step you will need to take to get you confidently started on your hand embroidery journey.

The process I’ll show you in the roadmap is the same process I have taught hundreds of my hand embroidery students to clarify where to get started and make your hand embroidery journey so much more enjoyable.

headshot of heidi Sternberg

Meet your teacher

Hello, I’m Heidi, a designer-maker and hand embroidery teacher. I have been crafting from a young age, but when I got older, my crafting fizzled out, and I followed a varied career, mainly in communication and marketing.

Pregnant with my 2nd daughter, I became clinically depressed, and I rediscovered crafting, which helped me enormously on my way to recovery. I quit my corporate job and set up polkadots & blooms in 2009, realising a dream I had for a long time, making homewares and accessories from vintage fabrics and selling these all over the world.

I am now spending most of my time passing on the skills I have learned over the years, first from my mum and nan and then along the way from other talented craft women.

Being creative and making with your hands does wonder to your soul and gives you such a significant creative boost. I use my embroidery and crafting time to think and reflect – it’s a form of meditation. And don’t forget your embroidery projects make beautiful gifts for family and friends.

I would absolutely love to share my love and passion for embroidery with you, as it brings me so much joy, and my wish for you is to experience this too.

collage of hand embroidered designs

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